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Valve brass 1/2  (DN 15)   VA

  • Valve brass 1/2  (DN 15)    VA
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: 33-М
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from 1 pc.1 127.51 грн.
from 10 pc.1 93.23 грн.

Valve brass 1/2  (DN 15)  Dnipro

The DU 15 valve from the Dnieper manufacturer is designed for heating and water supply systems, and is used to regulate the water flow. With it, you can quickly stop and resume the flow, which is beneficial during repairs, an accident, in other cases. The brass valve connects to the pipeline through two 1/2 ”outlets and is secured with female threads. For adjustment, the body is complemented by a boat-shaped handle It is convenient to interact with her. Due to the quality material, the valve is physically strong, resistant to temperatures and pressure fluctuations. There is a conical shutter in the design. The part is in operation for a long time, prepared for different conditions of use.

.Основные характеристики

Country of origin                     Ukraine
Nominal bore                          15 mm
Direction of flow in the valve   

Working environment                  Water

Connection type                         Threaded

Body material                              Brass

Mounting method                        Horizontal / vertical

Manual drive                                Butterfly handle

Диаметр резьбы первого торца 1/2"В

Second end thread diameter         1/2 "B

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