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Irrigation and irrigation systems

Watering is an integral part of all gardening with a lack of water in the soil, the development of plants slows down or stops. Therefore, the correct watering of the garden, garden and individual plants on the site is very important. Whether you're using a modern sprinkler system or hosing the old fashioned way, it's important to understand how often, when, and what plants to water in your garden, garden, and yard so you don't waste time, water, and effort. drought - a calm late evening, when the heat has subsided, ahead is a cool night, and moisture evaporation is minimal. Let's allow watering in the early morning, before the onset of heat.However, if the plant looks dehydrated on a hot day, it should be watered immediately by throwing a hose down to the roots and keeping the leaves out of the water and causing a burn.

When watering is needed urgently! The first sign of dehydration of a plant is a loss of turgor, sluggish leaves and buds. If you do not make up for the loss of water at this stage by watering the plant abundantly, then the leaves and buds will begin to turn yellow, dry and fall off, and soon the process will spread to the entire aerial part of the plant. Drying out of the root system means the death of the plant. As long as the plants receive at least a small amount of moisture from the ground, the plant in most cases can still be reanimated by soaking in water and watering. Drip irrigation systems are good helpers in this matter.

Regular watering is vital for the following group of plants:

1. Not long ago visadzhenoi near the soil of the soil
2. Not long ago we will transplant the Roslin
3. Roslin in highlanders (especially in small ones) and small cats
4. Roslin in greenhouses
5. For new crops and only we will deposit rolls of lawn grass to coastal and aquatic (water) dews

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