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Brass valve 1 1/4 (DN 32)

  • Brass valve 1 1/4 (DN 32)


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Brass valve 1 1/4 (DN 32)

A brass valve or a valve valve DN 32 is designed to regulate and shut off the water flow. Brass valves are very resistant to corrosion and can withstand high pressure in the water supply system. The worm gear for fine adjustment of the flow of the valve itself allows you to adjust the water flow smoothly and is not difficult to handle

The brass valve is used mainly in pipelines of industrial and apartment buildings, where water is considered the working area. Often, brass valves are used to connect fire hoses. The used material for the production of this type of valves, as the name implies, is brass, which prevents damage to the valves due to rust.

Brass shut-off valves are distinguished by their simple design, which makes it easy to install and replace component elements, as well as reliability.

Technical characteristics for valve DN32

Maximum pressure: 16 atm
Working temperature: +200 degrees С

Working medium: liquids and gases, non-aggressive to valve materials

Body material: brass

Connection: coupling

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