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Valve 1/2'' (DN15) with union nut, brass

  • Valve 1/2'' (DN15) with union nut, brass
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: 33-А
  • Availability: В наличии


from 1 pc.1 126.64 грн.
from 10 pc.1 91.41 грн.

Valve 1/2'' (DN15) with union nut, brass

A brass valve is a type of shut-off valve that is used to regulate only the aqueous medium. Brass valves with a coupling are often used, which allows increasing the level of strength and sealing even in hard-to-reach places and in angle valves.The advantages of these valves are that they are rather small in size, so they can be easily mounted in the right place, as well as dismantled for replacement. However, replacement is also done very rarely, since brass is very resistant to corrosion and does not require constant maintenance. The high pressure that often occurs in the water supply system does not have a destructive effect on brass valves, since they can withstand a very high pressure. They are also easy to use and do not require deep knowledge of physics to be applied correctly.


Country of origin                                Ukraine

Connection type                                Thread

Country of registration of the brand       Ukraine

material                                                  Brass 

thread                                                     Internal / Internal

Working medium                                    Water

Connection size                                      1/2"

Product type                                           Valve

Valve type                                               Spool

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