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Troynik PND 25x25х25

  • Troynik PND 25x25х25
  • Brand: Украина
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from 1 pc.1 49.68 грн.
from 10 pc.1 37.88 грн.

Tee material - Polypropylene, Tee type-Equal bore, Nominal bore-25 mm, Working medium-Liquid medium, Steam-water mixture, Non-aggressive medium, Water, Oil, Connection type-Clamp, Working pressure -10 bar

Troynik PND 25x25х25

Compression tee (clamping) HDPE - one of the varieties of clamping fittings used to create various joints of polyethylene pipes having the same diameter.The compression tee is used in cold drinking and industrial water supply, irrigation and sewerage systems. LDPE sanitary ware is suitable for both aboveground and underground piping systems.... Along with a good price for polyethylene fittings, you can be sure of its positive physical qualities: for example, resistance to corrosion under the influence of chemical and biochemical substances, the effect of working medium pressure up to 16 bar. In addition, these fittings are completely safe for the environment and humans, while they are durable (up to 50 years)

The main feature of the fitting is a plastic ring that cuts into the pipe body and makes it easier to secure the pipe tightly in the fitting. The cutting ring can adapt to possible irregularities that are present in the pipe.

Easy installation of HDPE fittings does not require special skills, and their reusable use makes it possible to replace the site and restore it. At the same time, connectors with a diameter of up to 50 mm are assembled manually.


Tee material                               Polypropylene

Tee type                                     Equal    
Nominal bore                             25 mm

Working  Wednesday                 Liquid medium, Steam-water mixture,

Non-aggressive environment     Water, Oil    

Working pressure                       10 bar

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