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Mufta PND 32x1/2 NR

  • Mufta PND 32x1/2 NR
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: 1793
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from 1 pc.1 33.12 грн.
from 10 pc.1 25.25 грн.

Country of origin - Ukraine Type of coupling - Transitional Diameter of the thread of the first end-1/2 "N Maximum temperature of the working medium 40 degrees. Material of the coupling - Polypropylene Working medium - Water, Non-aggressive medium, Liquid medium Working pressure - 25 bar Type of connection - Threaded Nominal bore -32 mm

Mufta PND 32x1/2 with external thread

fittings of PND are used for connection of polyethylene pipes in the pressure plumbings systems, irrigational building and distribution of liquids systems Muff PND intended for connection of the plastic PND pipe with other threaded фитингами and faucets, equipped by an internal screw-thread on half an inch 1/2" Muffs of PND of DU 32х1/2" with a male thread can be set outdoors under direct influence of sunbeams.

Clamping (компресионные) фитинги allow easily to decide the problem of connection of polyethylene pipes and metallic pipes, and also pipes of different diameters.
The distinctive feature of this system is simple mechanical connection of pipes and фитингов, as alternative to welding edge-to-edge of polyethylene pipes, requiring application of welding technique, электрогенераторов (in the field terms) and triers.


Appointment                 For PE pipes (Polyethylene)

Type of                         Muff

Diameter                       32x1/2"

Material                         PE (Polyethylene) 

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