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Mufta PND 63x40 transitional

  • Mufta PND 63x40 transitional
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: 1823
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from 1 pc.1 140.14 грн.
from 5 pc.1 122.13 грн.

Type: Coupling, Nominal connection diameter-40 mm, Transition to diameter-63 mm Purpose-Water supply Manufacturer: Ukraine, Thread type: Clamping - Clamping

Mufta PND 63x40 transitional

Mufta PND 63x40 coupling transitionalhe-one of the varieties of clamping fittings used to create various joints of polyethylene pipes with different diameters. an irreplaceable part for emergency joints of polyethylene pipes used in underground and ground communications of technical and drinking water supply, irrigation and sewage systems, etc.

Compression fittings are special products for connecting pipes made of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC with an outer diameter of 16 to 110 mm. They are compatible with all polyethylene pipes. Thanks to the materials from which they are made, compression fittings for HDPE pipes are highly resistant to various chemicals. Compression fittings are not suitable for use with hot water as they are limited to polyethylene pipes. The maximum operating temperatures are the maximum operating temperatures for polyethylene pipes. Complies with all regulatory requirements for the transport of drinking water and food liquids

                  • Fittings provide excellent water tightness for pressurized distribution systems.

                  • Crimp clamps-staples are made of polypropylene for making one-sided or double-sided branches connected to polyethyl

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