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Steel elbow 89х3.5 (DN 80)

  • Steel elbow 89х3.5 (DN 80)
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from 1 pc.1 254.98 грн.

Nominal passage DN -80 mm Outer diameter (DN) -89 mm Wall thickness-3.5 mm Material-steel

Steel elbow 89х3.5 (DN 80)

Seamless steel bend (steel 20) is a piece of pipe bent at a certain angle. This product is a kind of pipeline fittings used to change the direction of the pipeline system at a certain angle. A steel bend is needed in any system that has a branched structure.

Steel elbows 89х3.5 steeply curved are made of carbon steel by hot bending. Welded connection. The main working medium of the bends is water, steam and gas. Pressure up to 16 MPa. The main purpose of the bends is to connect steel pipes for various purposes.

The advantages of this type of reinforcement include ease of installation, high reliability and tightness. They are made of durable high-grade steel, which makes it possible to operate this reinforcing element in any conditions. The steel bend can withstand working pressures up to 16 MPa and can withstand temperatures ranging from –70ºC to + 450ºC.

Main characteristics of the bend:

Nominal diameter DN, mm:               80

Outside diameter Dn, mm:                 89,0

Wall thickness, mm:                           3,5

Bending angle, °:                               90

Material:                                            steel 20           

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