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Steel bend 57x3 (DN 50)

  • Steel bend 57x3 (DN 50)
  • Brand: Украина
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from 1 pc.1 77.50 грн.
from 8 pc.1 57.79 грн.

Nominal passage DN -50 mm Outer diameter (DN) -57 mm Wall thickness-3 mm Material-steel

Steel bend 57x3 (DN 50)

Steel bends - a connecting piece that serves to change the direction of the pipeline. A branch is a piece of pipe bent at a certain angle. Elbows are made of various steel grades.

The steeply bent one-piece is made of carbon and low-alloy steel from pipes by stamping or pulling along a horn-shaped core. They are used for pipelines for various purposes, at an operating pressure of up to 160 atm at a temperature of -70 to +450 ° C.

Main characteristics of the bend:

Nominal diameter DN, mm:               50

Outside diameter Dn, mm:                 57,0

Wall thickness, mm:                           3

Bending angle, °:                               90

Material:                                            steel 20           

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