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Steel keg DN 40

  • Steel keg DN 40
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: 1361
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from 1 pc.1 47.98 грн.
from 10 pc.1 34.65 грн.

Purpose - For water supply, Fitting type - Nipple, Connection to the pipeline - threaded, welded, Diameter - 11/2, Material - steel

Barrel (barrel) double-sided steel 40 mm is used for threaded fastening of pipes as a connecting element. A 40 mm threaded steel barrel differs from a 40 mm steel sanitary shackle in the equal length of the cut threads at both ends of the pipe billet - the shackle has one thread for a coupling with a locknut is longer.A 40 mm steel barrel is made from a seamless cold-formed pipe - this guarantees the resistance of the barrel to pressure on the product walls. Barrels (barrels) steel are distinguished by the material from which they are made, the nominal diameter, the type of thread, the length of the product and the length of the thread.

Detailed description

A connecting element of pipelines, which is a cylinder with a thread cut on its outer part.
The barrel is used as a pipe connector with the same diameter or as an adapter in cases where it is necessary to switch from an internal thread to an external thread.The standard length is 50, 60 mm plus or minus 10-15 mm. They are used in water supply systems for cold and hot water, heating, steam, oil, non-aggressive liquids, air ducts, and other systems.

  • Connection type - Threaded (RN)
  • Fitting type- Nipple
  • Diameter (inch) - 11/2
  • Temperature: up to +1750С
  • Material:steel

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