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Контргайка латунная 3/4 с шайбой усил

  • Контргайка латунная 3/4  с шайбой  усил
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: 189-1
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from 1 pc.1 16.93 грн.

Lock-nut with washer 3/8 brass reinforced

The locknut with a brass washer is used in almost all pipelines, since this element ensures the safety of the

connecting elements and their protection against spontaneous unwinding. Thanks to a high-quality brass lock

nut, the system will be reliably protected, and the nut itself will perform its main functions for a long time, since it

is made of brass that is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.
Washer locknuts are produced in such a way that the outer part has a hexagonal configuration and can be

tightened with a wrench.In order to connect lock nuts with other fittings, as a rule, different sealing materials are used,

which makes it possible to acquire the most durable and tight connection.

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