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Troynik PND 40x20x40

  • Troynik PND 40x20x40
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from 1 pc.1 154.01 грн.
from 10 pc.1 129.58 грн.

Purpose For water supply, Connection diameter: 40x20x40mm, Reducing version, Type: Tee, Thread type: Clamping - Clamping Application connection of polyethylene pipes

Troynik PND 40x20x40

A polyethylene tee is used for branching a pipeline from a pipe of one diameter to a pipe of another smaller diameter. Easy to assemble, does not require knowledge of special skills or the use of additional devices and mechanisms 

The HDPE tee is used for the installation of pipelines for internal and external water supply, sewerage, drainage. Made of polypropylene according to established technology. Designed for a pressure of 16 Bar at a temperature of 20 ° C.When installing the pipe and the connecting piece, the collet is pressed on the pipe, which creates a tightness between the assembled parts.

Benefits of low-density polyethylene:

High material strength

- Low specific gravity

- Resistant to most chemical compounds, bacteria and microorganisms

- Smooth inner wall surfaces provide low resistance to fluid flow and do not cause deposits- High elasticity, which provides resistance to water hammer waves

- Possibility of laying in the ground without compensation

- Low coefficient of thermal conductivity

- Polyethylene pipelines operate much longer than cast iron, metal, or concrete pipes (the warranty period of polyethylene pipes is 50 years); they do not corrode when in contact with water and various aggressive media. 3-4 times lighter than metal, cast iron and concrete pipes.

- Polyethylene pipelines operate much longer than cast iron, metal, or concrete pipes (the


type of product                                   Reducing tee

Execution                                           reductive

Diameter:                                          40х20х40

Material:                                            low-pressure polyethylene

Appointment                                   For water supply

Operating pressure:                           10 бар

Temperature limits:                            from - 20 ° С to + 40 ° СС

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