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Mufta PND 25x3/4 NR

  • Mufta PND 25x3/4 NR
  • Brand: STR
  • Product Code: 1788
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from 1 pc.1 18.26 грн.
from 10 pc.1 13.91 грн.

Purpose-For PE pipes (Polyethylene), Type-Coupling, Working medium-Water, Connection type-Threaded, Nominal bore-25 mm, Diameter-25x3/4 ", Material-PE (Polyethylene), Country of origin - Ukraine

Mufta  PND 25x3/4 with external thread

Straight connector - a reinforcement device designed for compression fixation on HDPE pipes with a diameter of 25 mm, with a fitting with a 3/4 inch female thread on the opposite side. The threaded fitting of the device is used to connect to threaded connections of the corresponding diameter.

PND (low pressure polyethylene) fittings are the connecting components of the pipeline, which are installed at the points of its transition to a different diameter, bend, turn, branch, or connection with the main line. HDPE fittings are irreplaceable when wiring a pipeline of complex configuration.

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