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Angle PND 20x1 / 2" RV clamping

  • Angle PND 20x1 / 2" RV clamping
  • Brand: STR
  • Product Code: 1883
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from 1 pc.1 14.66 грн.
from 10 pc.1 10.56 грн.

Connection diameter: 20mm, Connection type - Threaded 1/2, Elbow material - Polyethylene, Color Blue, NPS 20 mm, Bend angle 90 degrees Working pressure 10 bar Type: Angle, Thread type: Clamping - Internal (ЗВ),

Angle PND 20x1 / 2" RV clamping


Corner PND 20x1 / 2 "RV is intended for the device of a reliable turn of the pipeline during the construction of drinking or technical water supply systems, drip irrigation systems, pressure sewage systems, during the construction of drainage systems.

The polyethylene corner is made of environmentally friendly material. In terms of its characteristics, this material surpasses many plastics, it is distinguished by its durability, high resistance to temperature extremes, and excellent anti-corrosion performance. Pipeline parts made of this material will reliably serve their entire service life, and water frozen in coal will not damage it, plastic is able to expand and then take on its original shape.

High-quality and affordable products that meet all the requirements of the modern market:

• couplings,

• corners,

• plugs,

• cranes,

• sidebars,

• tees.

• Country of origin – Ukraine

Knee type - clamping

Knee material - Polyethylene

Working medium - Water

Working pressure - 10.0 (bar)


Connection type                                                  Threaded

 Elbow material                                                    Polyethylene

Country of origin                                                  Ukraine

The maximum temperature of the working environment is 40 degrees.

Colour                                                                      Blue

Nominal bore                                                           20 mm

Bending angle                                                          90 degrees

Working pressure                                                    10 bar

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