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Wall corner 16x1/2" V metal-plastic

  • Wall corner 16x1/2" V metal-plastic


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from 10 pc.1 57.96 грн.

Wall corner 16x1/2" V metal-plastic

The setting angle for the mixer for metal-plastic is used to connect pipes or fittings simultaneously by crimping and threaded (internal thread) methods. The brass installation angle is equipped with a reliable fastener, with the help of which the pipeline at the junction can be securely connected to a surface, horizontal or vertical.The crimp connection is made using a flare nut, which can adjust the strength of the fastening. Thus, the installation angle for metal-plastic on both sides provides a dismountable connection to the structure, and any part of the pipeline, including the installation angle itself, can be replaced at any time.The advantage of the fitting is that there is no need to use a special tool.

Fittings for reinforced plastic pipes consist of the following parts:

•    Union;
• crimping ring;
• union nut.
• compression fitting for metal-plastic pipes

Instructions for installing a fitting on a metal-plastic pipe:

1. Align the pipe, providing a section of at least 10 cm before and after the cut;
2. mark the place for cutting the pipe;
3. cut the pipe at right angles according to the markings;
4. to process the end of the pipe with a reamer, ensuring the rounded correct shape of the pipe;
5. put a nut and a cut ring on the pipe;

6. moisten the fitting;
7. put the fitting on the pipe so that the end of the pipe rests against the edge of the fitting with the whole plane;
8. Tighten the nut until it stops on the fitting by hand;
9. Holding the fitting body with one wrench, with the second wrench tighten the nut 1-2 turns so that one or two threads are visible.


Square material                                                             Brass

Coating                                                                                 Nickel

Nominal bore                                                                        16 mm

Inlet thread diameter                                                             1/2 "V

Working pressure                                                                   16 bar

The maximum temperature of the working environment is     95 degrees

Bending angle                                                                        90 degrees.

Outlet thread diameter                                                            16mm


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