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Corner 20x3/4"VR metal-plastic

  • Corner 20x3/4"VR metal-plastic


from 1 pc.1 80.73 грн.
from 10 pc.1 69.55 грн.

Appointment-For metal-plastic pipes, Connection type-Threaded, Connection size: 20 mm Connection type- Crimp - Thread 3/4 "B, Bend angle-Material-90 degrees, Brass, Maximum working pressure-10 Bar, Working medium-Water

Corner 20x3/4"ВР metal-plastic

The elbow (elbow) crimping brass for metal-plastic with a transition to an internal thread is intended for mounting together metal-polymer pipes and fittings with an external thread, or for connecting various types of pipes. The connection takes place at an angle of 90˚, on one side of the elbow by the threaded method, on the other - by crimping. A brass nickel-plated union nut is used for a tight clamping of the pipe, and rubber rings ensure the tightness of this connection.On the other hand, the tightness is provided by the brass thread itself, reliable and durable. All these materials do not react with any non-aggressive liquids, therefore they are recommended for the installation of any household water supply and heating pipelines.

Technical specifications:

Material:                              nickel plated brass

Maximum temperature:        95 ° C

Maximum pressure:             10 bar

Material:                               brass

Plating:                                 Nickel


           The main

Elbow material                      Brass

Working medium                   Water

Connection type                    Threaded

Bending angle                       90 degrees

Thread"                                  3/4" B
Diameter mm                         20  mm

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