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Corner 20x26 metal-plastic

  • Corner  20x26 metal-plastic


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Appointment-For metal-plastic pipes, Fitting type-Reducing angle, Connection size: 20 mm collet - 26 mm collet Connection type - Crimp - Crimp, Material - Brass, Maximum working pressure - 10 Bar, Working medium - Water

Corner  20x26 metal-plastic

A crimp elbow for metal-plastic is used to connect to each other at an angle of 90˚ two metal-plastic pipes or pipes and some kind of plumbing fitting. This type of connecting elbows is suitable for installation where the pipes or fittings to be connected can have different diameters.The installation of the square is carried out by the crimp method, using a strong union nut. It is she who regulates the strength of the connection and is responsible for the tightness. Brass connecting elbow for metal-plastic is intended for use in hot and cold heating and water supply systems.The nickel-plated plating of the elbow provides stable protection against corrosion and significantly extends its service life. Squares can be used in hidden communications and floor heating schemes, premises with unfavorable conditions

Fittings allow easy and quick interconnection of metal-plastic pipes into a single communication system. To fix them in this situation, a crimp method is used, and a regular wrench is used as a tool. Among the advantages that metal-plastic fittings have, first of all, the extreme ease of installation is noted.Another important characteristic is that clamping fittings are collapsible components. In practice, this means that if the need arises, you can quickly dismantle and reassemble the connection and change its original configuration. Fittings can be installed at any, even low ambient temperatures.

Technical specifications:

Swing angle - 90
Connection: 20mm collet (collet) - 26mm collet (collet)

Maximum working pressure - 10 bar
Working temperature up to 95 ° C

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