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Taper (transition from cast iron to plastic) d. 50x72 Wavin

  • Taper (transition from cast iron to plastic) d. 50x72 Wavin


from 1 pc.1 197.64 грн.
from 17 pc.1 145.85 грн.

Product type - taper (adapter), Execution-reduction / transitional, Adapter material-Polypropylene, Nominal bore - DN 72 mm, Color-Gray, Nominal bore - 50 mm, Connection type-Socket, Working medium-Water

Taper (transition from cast iron to plastic) d. 50x72 Wavin

Taper is a transitional fitting from cast iron to plastic, used for sewer pipes with a diameter of Ø110 x Ø124 mm.
The sewer passage is equipped with an elastic band, which ensures a reliable and tight connection of the sewer pipes.The presence of an O-ring on the socket (expansion) simplifies the installation of the taper, guarantees excellent connection integrity and structural reliability, without the use of special tools and equipment.

Taper is installed in sewer systems in residential and commercial premises.

The company ,, Wavin ”produces pipes and fittings made of high quality plastic, which has excellent hydraulic characteristics. The products are widely used for organizing the sewage network at objects, both for domestic and industrial purposes. Many standard sizes of pipes and fittings offered (diameters range from 32 to 110 mm ) allows you to design and install an internal sewerage system of any level of complexity.

• Manufacturer - Wavin
•Manufacturer country - - Czech

 Product type - taper (adapter)

  Execution-reduction / transitional,
• Diameter - 50/72 mm
• Material - Polypropylene
• Color - Dark gray

  Mounting method - socket

Easy to connect

Thanks to the socket connection, the installation of the Wavin system is very simple. The connecting dimensions of the sockets and spigot ends of the elements are precisely matched to each other, which makes installation quick and effortless. This fact has been a hallmark of the Wavin system for many years.

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