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Reduction (transition) sewer d. 110/75 wavin

  • Reduction (transition) sewer d. 110/75 wavin


from 1 pc.1 108.84 грн.
from 15 pc.1 77.67 грн.

Connection type-Socket, Adapter material-Polypropylene, NPS DN2-110 mm, Color-Gray, NPS-75 mm, Application-internal sewerage

Reduction (transition) sewer d. 110/75 wavin

Reduction (eccentric transition) Wavin for internal sewerage is used for the installation of sewerage systems and serves to change from one pipe diameter to another diameter. The Wavin indoor sewerage reduction is made of polypropylene (PP), resistant to hot water, has a long-term B1 class fire resistance.

The reduction is 15-20 times lighter than a similar reduction made of cast iron, has a smooth inner surface, which eliminates the risk of clogging, has a low noise of flowing water, is resistant to hot water up to 95 ° C and to chemical detergents, does not require painting or preliminary preparation.

The sewer passage has a high elasticity of the elements, and thanks to the rubber cuff, a reliable connection is provided, which guarantees the operation of the system for at least 50 years.

Easy to connect

Thanks to the socket connection, the installation of the Wavin system is very simple. The connecting dimensions of the sockets and spigot ends of the elements are precisely matched to each other, which makes installation quick and effortless. This fact has been a hallmark of the Wavin system for many years.


• Applicability-For interior use

• Manufacturer - Wavin
• Country of origin - Czech Republic
• Diameter - 110/75 mm
• Material - Polypropylene

• Connector type - Reduction

• Color - Dark gray

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