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Connecting sleeve for sewerage 40 Wavin

  • Connecting sleeve for sewerage 40 Wavin


from 1 pc.1 74.52 грн.
from 15 pc.1 53.16 грн.

Type: coupling, Sewer fitting material PP, Diameter: 40 mm, Application-Internal sewerage, installation method-socket

Connecting sleeve for sewerage 40 Wavin

Sliding coupling Wavin for internal sewerage is used when installing sewerage systems to connect pipes of 32 diameters to each other, as well as to connect pipes or fittings of equal diameter to each other.
l into a single pipeline system. Wavin sliding sleeve for indoor sewerage is made of polypropylene (PP), resistant to hot water, has a long-term fire resistance class B1


Manufacturer - Wavin
• Country of origin - Czech

Diameter - 40 mm

• Material - Polypropylene

• Color-  Dark grey

• Color-  Dark grey

Easy to connect

Thanks to the socket connection, the installation of the Wavin system is very simple. The connecting dimensions of the sockets and spigot ends of the elements are precisely matched to each other, which makes installation quick and effortless. This fact has been a hallmark of the Wavin system for many years.

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