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  • Tee 40 KOER PPR
  • Brand: KOER Чехия
  • Product Code: koer043
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from 1 pc.1 42.93 грн.
from 25 pc.1 31.38 грн.
Type of tee equal bore
Tee material Polypropylene
Connection type Soldering
Conditional pass

40 mm

Purpose For pipes
Manufacturer   Koer


Polypropylene tee Koer is designed to branch and change the direction of water flow

in the pipeline, namely for the hermetic connection of two polypropylene pipes. Successfully

are applied to laying of pipelines of hot and cold water. The raw material of PP-R has

monomeric structure and, in the formation of random links, prevents penetration into its structure

some biological substance. Therefore, tees made from polypropylene have

such excellent quality as the absence of color, taste and smell.

The advantages of tees:

  • high resistance to chemicals;
  • high impact resistance;
  • high resistance to corrosion. Does not form lime deposits and rust;
  • has a smooth and shiny surface;
  • when welding, there is no narrowing of the diameter at the place of the weld. High quality welding;
  • environmentally friendly product.

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