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Mufta VR 20x1/2 PPR KOER

  • Mufta VR 20x1/2 PPR KOER
  • Brand: KOER Чехия
  • Product Code: koer100
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from 1 pc.1 36.60 грн.

Mufta VR 20x1/2 PPR KOER

Mufty PPR KOER  for welding for connecting pipes of different diameters, transition and connection

shut-off and control valves and other fittings.

This female thread adapter is made of polypropylene and is used for

pipe connections, completed from different materials.Its diameter is 20 mm, and the thread is 1/2 inch.

Such a clamping sleeve is installed in water supply and heating systems in residential, commercial,

production facilities. 

Mufty PPR KOER with internal thread made from modern materials All products

manufactured on advanced European production lines using high quality

raw materials. Mufty  PPR KOER undergo strict multi-stage quality control: results

conducted laboratory and certification tests show, that the technical characteristics

products KOER comply with the standards GOST, DIN и TSE.Thanks to all these factors, the consumer

can receive and use clean drinking water.


- it is high quality and environmentally friendly materials
- ease of installation
- strength, resistance to corrosion processes and high operational reliability


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