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Sgon-amerikanka NР 20x1/2 PPR KOER

  • Sgon-amerikanka NР 20x1/2 PPR KOER


from 1 pc.1 92.82 грн.

Sgon-amerikanka NР 20x1/2 PPR KOER 

Amerikanka outdoor 20*1/2”– connecting element, employee for docking fixed

pipeline elements, made from different materials. Used to connect pipes,

made of steel, copper or plastic.The size mufty – 20 mm.

Connective mufta consists of threaded fittings, union nut and rubber

rings. Shtutsery on pipes are connected by rotating the union nut. The presence of a rubber gasket

provides high tightness.

Amerikanka used in the installation of plumbing systems. Can also be applied to

pipeline connections, transporting non-aggressive chemicals.

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