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Filter 25 PPR KOER

  • Filter 25 PPR  KOER


from 1 pc.1 102.63 грн.

Filter 25 PPR  KOER 

Filters coarse cleaning polypropylene «KOER» -These are polypropylene fittings., intended for

rough water treatment in systems heating and water supply. Used for residential heating,

administrative, as well as industrial buildings, when laying pipelines.
Filters coarse cleaning «KOER» universal, that is suitable for all types of polypropylene pipes from

different manufacturers, whether  composite ( reinforced aluminum foil ), fiberglass reinforced or non-reinforced pipes.
Advantages filter coarse cleaning «KOER»
ease of installation;
reliable hermetic connection
chemical and corrosion resistance;
environmentally friendly;
sustainability to outside influences and temperature fluctuations, frost resistance

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