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Irrigation hose ZEBRA 3/4" 20 meters

  •  Irrigation hose ZEBRA 3/4"   20 meters
  • Brand: Evci Plastik
  • Product Code: sla009
  • Availability: In Stock


from 1 Bay 710.59 грн.
from 2 Bay 617.40 грн.

color: black with zhovty smog;

working vice: 5 atmospheres;

internal diameter: ¾ "; (19 mm)

dovzhina: 20 m;

wag: 4 kg;

Zebra irrigation hose 3/4 "20 m is designed for permanent use. Its two-layer structure allows the product to be more durable. The bright color makes it visible on the garden and lawn. The Zebra irrigation hose is resistant to kinking and algae growth inside. It is absolutely safe for human, since it does not contain heavy metals and does not emit toxic substances.

Characteristics of the hose for irrigation EVCI Plastik Zebra 3/4 "20 m:


color:                   black with yellow stripes;

working pressure:        5 atmospheres;

production material:     polyvinyl chloride;
length:                           20 m;

weight:                            4 kg;

coil circumference:                35 cm;


inner diameter:                                     ¾ "; (19 mm)

use temperature:                         from -5 to +60 ° C;

country of origin:                                            Ukraine.

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