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2 - functional sprinkler "QUADRO" AP 3037

  • 2 - functional sprinkler "QUADRO" AP 3037
  • Brand: Aquapulse
  • Product Code: АР56
  • Availability: In Stock


from 1 pc.1 763.79 грн.
from 6 pc.1 545.57 грн.

two irrigation models
 complete or incomplete coverage
 irrigation sector for part of the circle 20º or 360º spraying
 irrigation diameter: 19 m;
 coverage: 284 sq. m

2 - functional sprinkler "QUADRO" AP 3037 Two-functional sprinkler with pulsating stem. Adjustable size and shape of the irrigation area. Lock the selected watering sector. Easy to set up and use.


quiet work

• two models of irrigation

• complete or incomplete circle of coverage

• sector of irrigation for a part of a circle of 20º or 360º of spraying

• irrigation diameter: 19 m; coverage: 284 sq. m.

• serial connection possible

• strong and stable plastic platform.

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