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Cap for drip tape SL 007

  • Cap for drip tape SL 007
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0038К
  • Availability: В наличии


from 1 pc.1 4.26 грн.
from 50 pc.1 3.11 грн.

Fitting type - For drip tape, Type of fitting - Plug, Mounting dimensions - 16mm, UV resistance - Yes, Material - high quality plastic

Cap for drip tape SL 007

purpose For drip tape
Manufacturer Santehplast
Type Stub

A drip tape cap is used to block the end. Using a plug can prevent excess flow or seepage of water.If it is necessary to rinse the drip irrigation tape, the plug can be easily removed and then installed in its place. The use of plugs does not spoil the drip tape in any way and does not change its properties.

This fitting is designed to plug the ends of drip tapes. The plug is equipped with a ring that allows you to fix the end of the drip tape in the ground.Thus, it is possible to solve the problem when, between waterings, an empty drip tape is blown away by the wind or changes its location due to heating in the sun.Installing drip tape plugs is more expensive than plugging the tape with a piece of drip tape, but it also provides easy maintenance of the tape during the watering season. To flush the drip tape, it is enough to unscrew the plug for a couple of minutes, wait for the moment when clean water comes out of the tape again and install the plug in place.


      Fitting size Ø, mm         40

  • Diameter                       16.0 (mm)
  • Application                   Hose blockage

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