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Rack stand for drip tape (SL-250-P)

  • Rack stand for drip tape (SL-250-P)
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0045К
  • Availability: В наличии


from 1 pc.1 12.50 грн.
from 50 pc.1 9.19 грн.

Type - Peg stand, Material - Plastic, Leg length - 25cm.

Rack stand for drip tape (SL-250-P)

Stand-holder  designed to support the Golden Spray hose. At the same time, the tape is securely fixed to the ground, which helps to avoid twisting and free movement. The holder stand is widely used as a component for the convenience of watering gardens, fields and household plots.      

Rack-stand  by its design it is easy to mount and dismantle, and the tape can be installed in the required position after a certain distance, which makes it possible to maintain the normal pressure of the Fog irrigation system. With the help of the stand, you can fix the hose on the bed. Leg height 25 cm.Since the holder stand is made of high-strength material, it is resistant to mechanical damage and sunlight.

•Easy installation
• Resistance to corrosion, temperature extremes.

•Manufacturer - Santehplast
• Country of origin - Ukraine
• Article - SL-250-P
• Type - Stand peg
• Material - Plastic
• Leg length - 25cm.

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