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Clamping elbow for drip tape DN 17 (SL 002.3)

  • Clamping elbow for drip tape DN 17 (SL 002.3)
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0037К
  • Availability: In Stock


from 1 pc.1 6.42 грн.
from 50 pc.1 4.72 грн.

Fitting type - For drip tape, Type of fitting - Connecting angle (clamping), Mounting dimensions - 16mm, Material - plastic

Clamping elbow for drip tape DN 17 (SL 002.3)

purpose For drip tape
Manufacturer Santehplast
Type Connecting fittings

Clamping elbow for tape Dn 17 used to connect drip irrigation tape. Designed for 16mm drip tapes, durable and reliable as a material. The clamping elbow Dn 17 for connecting the drip tape is made of durable, UV-resistant material.Он легок в использовании при давлении от 0 до 4,1 бар. The clamping elbow is easy to install and there is no need to use any additional elements, seals. With removable clamping rings, it is possible to effectively flush the pipe without having to reinstall the system.

Clamping elbow for tape Dn 17​   simplifies the installation of the irrigation system. Allows you to carry out repairs in case of various damages or, if necessary, extend the drip tape with a turn of 90 degrees. The edge of the tape is fixed by tightening the clamp.


Тип фитинга Для ленты капельной
Вид фитинга Угол соединительный(зажимной)
Производитель Украина
Диаметр 17 мм



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