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Rack for bachka toilet bowl  Pskov АБ 68.00button

  • Rack for bachka toilet bowl  Pskov АБ 68.00button
  • Brand: Псков
  • Product Code: 2093-3
  • Availability: В наличии


from 1 pc.1 193.05 грн.
from 3 pc.1 157.98 грн.

Rack for bachka toilet bowl Pskov АБ 68.00button

Universal flushing rack, perfect fits under everybody models

toilet bowls  bachkov, how otechestvennykh, so and foreign manufacturers

Responsible behind sliv water from bachka toilet bowl with help pressing on button with metallized

coated. Works in  mode sliva water –devastation bachka behind schet pressing buttons

Constructive peculiarities flushing mechanism:

  1. Korpus made from high quality primary polypropylene on contemporary equipment.
  2. Chrome plated button with possibilities side regulirovki, a same regulirovki on height.
  3. Quality silicone membrane provides reliability shutter water in toilet bowl bachke.
  4. Korpus armatury regulated on height.

Additional specifications:

  • Height 320-380 mm.
  • Membrane silicone
  • Diameter podklyucheniya: 2''
  • Functions slivnykh mechanisms: 1 button.
  • Regulirovka on height before 60 mm.

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