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Bimetallic radiator KOER 500/100 (10 sections)

  • Bimetallic radiator KOER 500/100 (10 sections)
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from 1 section 358.52 грн.
from 40 section 315.47 грн.

Type: sectional bimetallic heating radiator, Material steel, aluminum alloy, Section center distance 500mm Section height 563 mm, Section depth 96 mm, Section width 80 mm, Section volume 0.30 lit, Section weight 1.6 kg, Manufacturer Koer -

Bimetallic radiator KOER 50/100

The KOER bimetal radiator is a full bimetal, that is, the steel frame is horizontal and vertical. As a result, contact of the coolant with aluminum is completely excluded (corrosion of aluminum is excluded), which significantly extends the life of the radiator. Another advantage of a full bimetal is the ability to work at high pressure (operating 20 Atm, critical 35 Atm) and pressure drops.

The radiators are produced using injection molding, as a result of which the maximum homogeneity of each section is achieved over the entire size. Each section of a Koer bimetallic radiator is tested at the end of production. Thus, it is minimized that the defective section gets to the end consumer.

Advantages of KOER bimetallic radiators:

steel frame, with collector wall thickness: 1.8 mm vertical and 3.5 mm horizontal;
efficient heat dissipation due to the unique design of the section;
long service life;
anti-corrosion resistance, the possibility of using in systems with low requirements for the quality of the coolant;
elegant design;
ease of installation;

Radiator specifications:

Model: KOER 500 * 96
Type: sectional bimetallic heating radiator
Material: steel, aluminum alloy
Section power: 180 W (at t = 70 ° C)
Section center distance: 500 mm
Section height 563 mm
Section depth 96mm
Section width 80 mm
Section volume 0.30 liters
Section weight 1.6 kg
Manufacturer Koer - Czech Republic

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