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Bimetallic radiator BITHERM 500/100 (10 sections) Poland

  • Bimetallic radiator BITHERM 500/100 (10 sections) Poland
  • Brand: KOER
  • Product Code: 938
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from 1 section 284.00 грн.
from 40 section 240.95 грн.

Radiator type Sectional, Height, mm: 500, Material: Bimetal, Section weight, kg: 1.35, Section depth, mm: 100, Length of the entire battery, cm: 80 ,, Section length, mm: 80, Center distance. section, mm: 500, Color White, Heat transfer section, W: 180, Manufacturer: Bitherm

Bimetallic radiator BITHERM 50/100

Designed for heating premises of various purposes with different storeys, can be used in autonomous systems with their own boiler rooms, but also in central heating systems, due to their ability to withstand high pressure indicators of 20 atm. Able to work stably under conditions of significant temperature and pressure drops.The Biterm radiator section consists of a vertical and horizontal metal collector, the body of which is doused with aluminum, due to which the thermal conductivity is significantly improved and the aluminum does not come into contact with the coolant. The heat output of the radiator depends on the number of sections; the more sections, the higher the output. When connecting the sections, fluoroplastic gaskets are used, which can withstand high temperatures.


Thermal power (at ΔT 70 ° С), W 180
Radiator type Sectional
Lateral water inlet (right)
Side (left)
Material Bimetal
White color
Center distance 500 mm
section depth 100 mm
Overall height 550 mm
width 800 mm
Working pressure 30 atm bar
Weight 1.35 kg
Country of origin of goods Poland

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