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Vibration pump Typhoon (Bosna LG) (lower intake)

  • Vibration pump Typhoon (Bosna LG) (lower intake)
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Vibration electric pump Typhoon (Bosna LG) (lower fence)

The Typhoon submersible water pump is designed to lift water from wells and boreholes, as well as open reservoirs, for watering household plots, for work on farms, for pumping water from basements and cellars. The principle of operation of the vibration pump is based on the vibration of a special membrane that creates a pressure difference .The diaphragm is driven by an electric motor installed in the pump. The pressure difference created by the movement of the diaphragm of the vibrating pump makes the water rise.

The technical parameters of the Typhoon pump allow it to be used in conjunction with a hydraulic accumulator, pressure switch, pressure gauge and coupling, as a water supply installation for your home, and to provide a standard water pressure in your water supply system. The design features of the Typhoon household pump make it possible to pump out water from vaults and cellars, immersing only the intake part of the pump in water.

When using a pump for wells Typhoon (Bosna) or when pumping water from basements and cellars, it is necessary to install it in such a way that the pump body does not touch the walls of the well during operation. For this, special protective rubber rings should be used.

High-quality, powerful, reliable water pump Typhoon with a bottom water intake, with two valves made of durable aluminum alloy.

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