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Vibration electric pump (upper fence) "Harvest"

  • Vibration electric pump (upper fence) "Harvest"
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Pump diameter, mm: 115, Max. immersion depth, m: 5, Maximum head, m: 40, 2 valves, water-top selection, Power, W: 350, Manufacturer: Kharkov, Type: For a well, Weight: 3.4 kg, Outlet diameter: 3/4 inch (19mm), Maximum capacity 320 liters per hour, Case material: Aluminum, Nominal head: 80 m, Pump type: Vibrating submersible

The pump for wells "Urozhay" is designed to lift fresh water from tubular wells with a diameter of more than 100 mm from a depth of up to 40 m., Various wells,It is easy to operate: it does not require stationary installation, filling with water, lubrication, it is put into operation immediately after immersion in water on a flexible suspension.

Water is pumped from the pressure chamber of the electric pump into the pipeline (hose) to a height of 80 or more meters, creating a pressure of up to 6-6.5 atmospheres. It has two suction valves, due to which a greater volume of water rise from the depth is achieved. The pump is powered from a conventional single-phase 220 V, 50 Hz network with a 10 m long 2-core wire with a universal plug.

The main advantage of Vibrating Pumps Harvest is that they do not have any mandatory installation requirements, especially if the pump is used outside the city. The main rule of installation is to completely immerse the electric pump in water and fix it with a rope, then release the pump and connect it to the power supply. There is no need to pull the pump out of the water after the end of work, you need to remove it only in order to make sure that technically everything is working normally, the rest of the time the electric pump can be in the water.

Duration of continuous work - no more than 1 hour in a row (after which it is necessary to take a break of at least 30 minutes.)

By design, this pump for wells is no different from other similar pumps.

The vibration pump "Harvest" is equipped with overload and overheating protection. Thanks to the special shape of the case, it was possible to achieve the most effective cooling during operation. Among the features, it is possible to note a long-term operating mode, subject to immersion in water.

It is not recommended to use the pump for pumping water from wells with a low water level. Firstly, in this case, water is quickly depleted and the well is soaked, and secondly, overheating can occur due to the cessation of cooling the pump casing with water. The power of this pump is 320 W.

Well Pump Specifications Harvest:

Mains voltage - 230 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz

Electric pump power - 350 watts

Nominal head - 40 meters

Maximum head - 80 meters

The maximum immersion depth in water is not more than 5 meters

Maximum capacity 720 liters per hour

Pump weight - 3.4 kilograms

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