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Vibration pump "Tsvirkun" (Bosna LG) (lower fence)

  • Vibration pump "Tsvirkun" (Bosna LG) (lower fence)
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Pump diameter, mm: 125, Max. immersion depth, m: 5, Maximum head, m: 50,, 2 valve, Water selection-bottom, Power, W: 180, Manufacturer: Bosna LG (Ukraine) Type: For a well, Weight: 3.8 kg, Outlet fitting diameter: 3/4 '' (19mm), Maximum capacity 1.3 cu. m / hour, Maximum immersion depth-5m, Case material: Aluminum, Nominal head: 40 m, Pump type: submersible

Vibration pump "Tsvirkun" (Bosna LG) (lower fence)

The vibrating submersible pump "Zvirkun" has a two-channel water intake system (ie, this solution allows water to additionally cool the pump armature and also to increase the water supply capacity). The pump body diameter is 85 mm, which allows the pump with such parameters. High-quality, powerful, reliable water pump for Zvirkun wells with two valves is made of durable aluminum alloy.

Pumps for watering the garden Zvirkun is designed to supply fresh water from wells and wells. The borehole diameter must be at least 99 millimeters. Also, this pump is used to draw water from open bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs or pools. The Zvirkun water pump is perfect not only for creating drinking water supply systems for country houses and cottages, but also for creating irrigation systems for fields, orchards and vegetable gardens.

The pump is reliable and efficient for its class. In addition, it is quite economical, as it consumes only 150 watts of electricity. The maximum head for this model is 60 meters. The volumetric flow depends on the height of the water rise. With a head of 40 meters, the pump pumps 6 liters per minute, and with a head of 5 meters - 30 liters per minute.

The water pump Tsvirkun BV-0,16-30-U5 is equipped with an overheating protection system. There is also protection against electric shock. According to its technical characteristics, this pump is more suitable for organizing irrigation of small agricultural land. The pump runs stably and continuously. Thanks to the unique design, the pump motor is efficiently cooled during operation. The temperature of the pumped-over water should not exceed 35 ° С.

The pump is supplied with protective rings, a nylon cord for hanging the pump, a coupling for connecting a hose with a diameter of ¾ or a plastic pipe with a diameter of 2.5 cm

Model - Zvirkun

Power - 2000

Performance - 200W

Maximum head-50 m

Nominal volume flow - 480 l / h

Branch pipe diameter - 1/2 "

Case diameter - 85 (mm)

Weight - 3.8 (kg)


Single-phase: Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Cable length: 5m

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