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Vibrating pump Vodogray top fence

  • Vibrating pump Vodogray top fence
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Vodogray vibration pump upper intake 1 valve

The Vodogray upper fence vibration pump is designed to create autonomous water supply systems, filling containers, watering a vegetable garden, garden plots. "Vodogray" pumps fresh water from reservoirs, wells and tubular wells with a diameter of 110 mm and a depth of up to 40 m. The pump body is made of aluminum. The design is made with one working valve and an upper water intake. Connecting pipe Ø 20 mm, under the clamp. The length of the network cable is 5 meters. It is installed in boreholes from Ø 110 mm.

Units such as "Vodogray" can be used for

water supply from special hydraulic structures (wells, wells);
pumping water from artificial and natural reservoirs (lakes, rivers, ponds, canals);
pumping water during flooding in cellars and basements;
creating additional pressure in the pipeline;
checking the tightness of heating systems (pressure testing).


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