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циркуляционный насос VODOMET VM 25-60-180 без гаек

  • циркуляционный насос VODOMET VM 25-60-180 без  гаек
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from 1 pc.1 1,153.40 грн.
from 3 pc.1 922.81 грн.

Body - cast iron, Motor body - aluminum, Rotor guard and stator housing made of stainless steel, Stator winding - copper, Impeller - plastic composite.

circulation pump VODOMET VM 25-60-180 without nuts

The scope of application of the VODOMET VM 25-60 / 180 pump is to provide forced circulation of the coolant in small and medium cycles of heating systems of buildings, in particular, residential buildings and industrial premises, which have a small area.

Heating systems, industrial circulation systems, cold water supply systems and air conditioning systems.



Body - cast iron
Motor housing - aluminum

Stainless steel rotor guard and stator guard

Stator winding - copper
Impeller - plastic composite
Wear-resistant ceramic shaft with ceramic thrust bearing.


silent work;
low price;
standard installation dimensions (interchangeability with pumps from other manufacturers);
adjustable rotation speed (three positions);
efficiency (low power consumption);
proven and durable construction materials (stainless steel, cast iron).

Manual control

Setting the speed steps (3 steps)

Contents of delivery

Installation and operating instructions

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