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циркуляционный насос VODOMET VM 25-60-130 без гаек

  • циркуляционный насос VODOMET VM 25-60-130 без  гаек
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from 1 pc.1 1,136.02 грн.
from 3 pc.1 908.73 грн.

Type Circulating pump, Casing - cast iron, Motor casing - aluminum, Protective rotor casing and stator casing made of stainless steel, Stator winding - copper, Impeller - plastic composite, Length 130 mm, Max. Water pressure 6 m

Сirculation pump VODOMET VM 25-60-130 with cable without nuts

The VODOMET circulation pump is used to pump liquid in the heating system, hot water supply and underfloor heating systems. The VODOMET circulating pump has a compact shape, which gives an advantage in the occupied space, as well as practically no noisy work will not create discomfort in your home and low power consumption will significantly save your budget.


12 months warranty
Type Circulation pump
Material Cast iron
Size 25/60/130
Max water pressure 6 m
Max working pressure 10 atm
Mach. working t (° С) 110 ° С
Power W 93 W
Voltage 220-240 V; 50 Hz
Length 130 mm
Weight 2.7 kg


The pump uses a wet rotor, the pumping part and the electric motor form a single unit. Durability and no noise is achieved with ceramic bearings. Made in compliance with all European norms and standards, and also passed all performance and safety tests from which it has a number of advantages.

Body - cast iron
Motor housing - aluminum
Stainless steel rotor guard and stator guard
Stator winding - copper
Impeller - plastic composite
Wear-resistant ceramic shaft with ceramic thrust bearing.


silent work;
low price; standard installation dimensions (interchangeability with pumps from other manufacturers);
adjustable rotation speed (three positions);
efficiency (low power consumption);
proven and durable construction materials (stainless steel, cast iron).

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