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Ball valve 1/2 "V V" STA" brass water butterfly

  •  Ball valve 1/2 "V V" STA" brass water butterfly
  • Brand: STA
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from 1 pc.1 46.69 грн.
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Valve type - Ball, Valve diameter-1/2 ", Actuator - Butterfly handle, Mounting method - Horizontal / vertical, Body material - Brass, Plating - Nickel, Working medium - Water, Connection type - Threaded

Ball valve 1/2 "V V" STA" brass water butterfly

Brass Ball Valves STA for Water 15mm V V - Butterfly Handle is a type of pipeline valve with a shut-off element, which is in the shape of a ball along the diameter of the pipeline. Due to this, the ball valves have a low hydraulic resistance to the flow of the working medium.The rotary shut-off element - the ball - is made of steel with subsequent nickel plating to increase the service life and reduce friction during control. Ball valves are widely used for shutting off and regulating the flow of water and non-aggressive liquids in heating systems, water supply and various pipelines. taps include the possibility of water hammer when quickly opening, the possibility of destruction of the body in the event of water freezing at low temperatures.

Ball valve for water 15mm BB (handle for turning the ball - "butterfly") is a low price with high quality - made of brass. Ball valve for water - simple and reliable in design, easily blocks the flow of water, any position of the locking element


Shutter type                     Ball

Tap diameter                   1/2 "

Manual drive                  Butterfly handle

The maximum operating temperature is   95 degrees.

Mounting method           Horizontal /vertical

Maximum working pressure                    16 bar

Drive unit                       Manual

Body material                Brass  

Coating                         Nickel

Working medium          Water    

Connection type         Threaded

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