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Ball valve 1/2" VV "STA" brass water handle

  •  Ball valve 1/2" VV "STA"  brass water handle
  • Brand: STA
  • Product Code: 356
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from 1 pc.1 94.39 грн.
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 Ball valve 1/2" VV "STA"  brass water handle

The ball valve is one of the most irreplaceable elements of plumbing fixtures. Without ball valves, it is impossible to design in various heating systems, water supply, gas supply, water heated floors. The ball valve is made directly from brass. Such brass alloy ball valves are considered to be of the highest quality. The ball valve closes the water flow with a handle shaped like a handle.The handle is made of steel and the outside is nickel-plated with a thin layer of polyvinyl chloride. The rotary locking element - the ball - is made of steel with subsequent nickel plating to increase the service life and reduce friction during control. When installing ball valves, as a rule, sanitary flax is used as a seal in combination with a special paste or FUM - tape.Рукоятка виготовлена ​​зі сталі і зовні покрита нікелем, на який нанесений тонкий шар полівінілхлориду.

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