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Silicone gasket 1 1/4

  • Silicone gasket 1 1/4


from 1 pack 63.01 грн.
from 2 pack 62.02 грн.

Inner diameter, mm: 28, Material: Silicone, Outer diameter, mm: 39 Type: Gaskets, Packing, pcs: 100

Silicone gasket 1 1/4 

Silicone gasket 1 1/4 is intended for sealing threaded connections in water supply systems.

The silicone gasket is a soft transparent flat ring with a large margin of safety. It is used to seal connections of liners, hoses of washing machines, when connecting heated towel rails, installing mixers, for laying between radiator adapters and in other cases.


• elasticity
• wear resistance
• operation in a wide range of operating temperatures


Appointment                       or wireline
                                                   for hot water supply
                                                   for heating

Type of                                 pad

Material                                silicone

Inner diameter, mm              14
Outer diameter, mm              25

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