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Paranitic gasket 3/4 (pack of 100 pieces)

  • Paranitic gasket 3/4 (pack of 100 pieces)


from 1 pack 52.00 грн.
from 2 pack 51.00 грн.

Inner diameter, mm: 14, Material: Paronite, Outer diameter, mm: 25, Type: Gaskets, Packing, pcs: 100, Thickness, mm: 1.5

Paranitic gasket 3/4 

Paronite gasket is intended for sealing joints during the installation of gas networks and gas-consuming equipment; sealing of connecting structures is. High pressure allows paronite to acquire a fluid state, this allows filling all irregularities and hermetically connecting parts of various mechanisms, even of non-standard configuration

Benefits of paronite gaskets

Paronite has many advantages, therefore, seals made from it are popular in many industrial areas. The main advantages of these products include:

high heat resistance rates - this allows the use of products in parts of cars, internal combustion engines or other connections where heating to high temperatures is possible;
the ability to withstand high pressure, which is due to the method of manufacturing products by pressing asbestos fibers;
preservation of properties regardless of the effect of different temperatures - the paronite gasket is stable in any conditions.
In addition, the ability of the material to work in different environments makes it a universal sealant, while the cost of paronite products is low.


Inner diameter, mm                        14
Material                                           Paronite

Outer diameter, mm                        25
Gasket                                            Type

Outer diameter, mm                        25
Gasket                                            Type

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