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circulation pumps Grundfos 25-60-180 + nuts

  •  circulation pumps Grundfos 25-60-180 + nuts
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from 1 pc.1 950.13 грн.
from 3 pc.1 767.14 грн.

Type - Circulation pump, Cast iron body, Glass fiber reinforced impeller, Stainless steel sleeve; Mechanical seal made of ceramic graphite; Shaft made of cermet, Length-180mmm, Maximum pressure-6m

Circulation pump Grundfos UPS 25-60 180 with nuts

Circulation pumps are one of the integral parts of the heating system. Circulation pumps are intended to provide forced circulation of the coolant along a closed loop of the heating system.Thanks to the forced circulation of the coolant, the heating system heats up faster and more evenly, which leads to faster heating of the heated room. When calculating the performance of a pump operating in a closed loop of a heating system, only friction losses in the pipeline should be taken into account, since the height of the system does not particularly matter, because the pumped liquid is pumped into the supply pipeline and also pushes it in the opposite direction, which ensures relatively low pump power.

The circulation pump is installed directly into the pipeline on the return line of the heating system, in front of the heater, and ensures the movement of the coolant through the pipeline and heating devices connected to this heating system. For heating systems of small private houses, circulating pumps with a wet rotor are usually used. A feature of this pump design is that the pumped liquid is used to cool and lubricate the moving parts of the pump, which contributes to more reliable and quiet operation.

Technical characteristics of the pump Grundfos UPS 25-60 180:

Maximum head: 6 m
Maximum productivity: 3.3 cubic meters.
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Working temperature: from 5 to 110 С
Mains voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz
Maximum ambient temperature: 40 С
Number of working speeds: 3
Power at 1st speed: 45 W
Power at 2nd speed: 65 W
Power at 3rd speed: 90 W
Snail material: Cast iron
Impeller material: Technopolymer
Rotor Stem Material: Ceramic

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