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Vibration electric pump (upper fence) "RUCHEK"

  • Vibration electric pump (upper fence) "RUCHEK"
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Pump diameter, mm: 100, Max. immersion depth, m: 3, Maximum head, m: 63, Power, W: 260, Manufacturer: Kharkov, Type: For a well, Weight: 3.4 kg, Warranty period, months: 12, Outlet fitting diameter: 3/4 inch ( 19mm), Maximum volume: 1.5 m3 / h, Body material: Aluminum, Nominal head: 40 m, Nominal water volume: 0.12 x 10 m3 / s, Pump type: Vibrating submersible

Vibrating pump Trickle (Upper water intake)

The electric pump Brook BV-0.12-40-U5 is designed to supply fresh water from any reservoirs and tubular wells with an inner diameter of more than 100 mm from a depth of up to 63 m.Maximum head, 60 m.
The electric pump can be used for watering household plots, gardens, vegetable gardens, as well as individual water supply.
The pump does not require lubrication and filling with water and turns on immediately after immersion in water. When pumping water from a depth of less than 5 m after turning off the pump, the water from the system is drained by gravity through a gap in the valve. When pumping water from great depths after turning off the pump, the water pressure tightly presses the valve to the base of the pump casing, so there is no gravity drain.

To prevent freezing of water in the hose and pipes in winter and to ensure self-draining, use a sharp hot object 1.5-2 mm in diameter to melt the hole in the hose at the outlet of the pump.
Stores the pump in a dry room away from heating appliances, after rinsing and drying it.

The same version of the pump only with a lower intake is called "BV Brook" and is available in our assortment!



Depth of immersion in water - 3 m
• Power - 260 W
• Current strength - 3.7 A
• Voltage required for operation - 220 V (single phase)
• Water temperature - up to 35 С
• Nominal height of the liquid column - 40 m
• D output - d = ½
• Maximum head - 60 m
• Nominal volumetric flow - 0.12 x 10 - 3 mᶟ / s
• Number of valves - 1
• Liquid intake - top
• Weight - no more than 3.4 kg
• Class of protection against electric shock - 2
Moisture protection - waterproof
The duration of the operation of the electric pump should be no more than 2 hours, after which it should be turned off for at least 30 minutes.

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