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Radiator valve f20 PPR angular

  • Radiator valve f20 PPR angular


from 1 pc.1 85.28 грн.
from 10 pc.1 68.31 грн.

Type of valve closure: Ball, Connection diameter: 1/2 "x20mm, Handle design: Valve, Material: Polypropylene, Ball material: Steel, Application: Plumbing and heating, Type: Transitional, Thread type: External - Soldered, Manufacturer: no brand,

Radiator valve f20 PPR angular

Radiator valve f20 PPR angular is used to connect radiators to the distribution of polypropylene pipes. It allows you to shut off the flow of the coolant through the heating device (main purpose) and to carry out rough manual regulation of its heat transfer.The part is made in an angular design, on one side the outlet has a 1/2 ”diameter with an external thread, on the other side it gets 20 mm and is fastened through soldering. In order to keep the product well over time and remain effective during long-term use, the manufacturer formed the case from metal and polypropylene. Materials are resistant to temperatures, tolerate pressure well, external loads. The tap is triggered when a convenient valve on the body rotates. With it, the inner ball is set in motion, which closes the passage.


Type of valve gate                      Ball​ 

Connection diameter                  1/2"x20mm

Handle design                             Valve

Ball material             Steel

Material                                       Polypropylene

Application area                          Plumbing and heating

Thread type                                 Outer - Soldered

Type of                                        Transitional

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