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Sewer tee d 110/50x45 wavin

  • Sewer tee d 110/50x45 wavin


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Type - Internal, Diameter, mm - 110x50, Manufacturer - Wavin, Type - Tees, Bending angle - 45, Tee type - Equal bore

Sewer tee d 110/50x45 wavin

ТWavin fittings for internal sewerage made of polypropylene are used for the installation of sewerage systems, if it is necessary to arrange wiring and branches of the pipeline system. This type of internal sewer tee is used to connect pipes of equal diameter at an angle of  45 degrees to each other. Wavin tees for internal sewerage are made of polypropylene (PP), resistant to hot water, long-term fire resistance class B1.


   Producer - Wavin

• Manufacturer country - Czech

• Diameter - 110/50 mm

Connection type – Bell-shaped

Tee type -transitional

• Material - Polypropylene

• Color - Dark grey

• Injection - 45°

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