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Sewer revision 50 wavin

  • Sewer revision 50 wavin


from 1 pc.1 208.49 грн.
from 17 pc.1 153.84 грн.

Diameter mm 50, Material polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Socket connection, Applicability-For interior work, Color dark gray, Country of origin Czech Republic

Sewer revision 50 wavin

A sewer inspection with a cover is used in domestic sewage systems for the inspection of sewer pipelines. Due to

the presence of a twist-off cover, there is easy and simple access to the inside of the sewer system to check for

blockages or to clean it.

The ease of installation inherent in sewer pipes makes them available for self-installation, whether it be repairs in

an apartment or a sewerage device in a country house. When working independently on laying pipes, you need to

remember that suddenly, during the operation of the sewer system, it will become clogged, and therefore, it is

imperative to include an audit in the system, or in the common people, cleaning.In the event of a blockage in the

system, it will not be difficult for you to unscrew the revision cover and establish where the blockage is and

immediately begin to eliminate it

The main advantage is:

material of manufacture;
All equipment is resistant to corrosion, diffusion and the effects of various chemical elements;
The service life of the systems reaches 100 years;
They have excellent hydraulic characteristics;
Easy to assemble.

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