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Metal-plastic ball valve 20x20 JG (brass ball)

  • Metal-plastic ball valve 20x20 JG (brass ball)
  • Brand: J.G.
  • Product Code: 52100
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from 1 pc.1 192.10 грн.
from 10 pc.1 154.84 грн.

Material: nickel-plated brass, Ball valve: Brass, Pipe mounting diameter: 20, Thread: 20x20 (pipe pipe), Working medium: water, steam , Handle shape: aluminum butterfly, Maintainability: non-repairable Diameter efficiency : partial bore, 

Metal-plastic ball valve 20x20 JG (brass ball)

Valve for metal-plastic pipes, connection diameter -20mm * 20mm, body and ball material brassBall valves have a number of other advantages, including: simplicity of design; high and reliable tightness; small dimensions; simple form of the flow path and the absence of stagnant zones in it; convenient control; short turnaround time; applicability for viscous and contaminated media, suspensions, slurries and sludge.... The seats in the body are made in the form of rings made of different types of plastics (mainly fluoroplastic), which ensures reliable tightness, ease and smoothness of the ball plug rotation, but limit the use of such valves for media with a temperature of no more than 200 ° C. Ball valves are operated manually

Consider how reinforced-plastic pipes are connected using compression fittings. It must be said that such a connection is used more often during self-assembly, since it does not require the purchase of a special tool to complete it. Tightening requires two regular wrenches

We will analyze how to assemble metal-plastic pipes using compression fittings. Sequence of operations:

• The pipe is cut using special scissors.
• The end of the pipe is machined with a calibrator. This is a special reamer that flattens the end of the pipe.
• First the nut is put on the prepared end of the pipe, then the ferrule.

• Fitting nipple is inserted into the pipe.
• The ferrule moves toward the fitting, and the nut moves there so that it overlaps the ferrule.
• Using two wrenches, tighten the nut. This completes the connection.

So, using pipes made of metal-plastic, you can independently assemble a pipeline of almost any configuration. Compression fittings or press fittings are used to make the connections. It is not difficult to learn how to make connections, the main thing is to be accurate and precise in your work.


               Material: nickel plated brass

• Ball valve: Brass

• Pipe mounting diameter: 20

• Thread: 20x20 (pipe pipe)

• Working environment: water, steam

• Handle shape: butterfly aluminum

• Maintainability: not repairable

• Diameter efficiency: partial bore

• Maximum temperature: +95 * С

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