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Crane fitting 20 х 20 (steel ball)

  •  Crane fitting 20 х 20 (steel ball)


from 1 pc.1 178.43 грн.
from 10 pc.1 143.66 грн.

Connection type - crimp collet Maximum working pressure-25 bar Mounting method-Horizontal / vertical Plating-Nickel Type of shutter-Ball Body material-Brass Actuator-Manual Handle-butterfly (steel anodized)

 Crane fitting 20 х20 (steel ball)

Ball valve WING is a type of shut-off valve, in which the movable part of the shutter has the shape of a ball with an opening for passing the flow of media. The ball valve is quite simple to operate and reliable in operation. The main application of such a valve is the passage of liquid, gas or steam. A ball valve is made of material like brass.

The WING valve is a ball valve with transitions to a crimp connection for connecting to metal-polymer pipes, as well as pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene. It is used with metal-plastic pipes in heating and water supply.Pipe fittings, with which metal-plastic pipes are connected, are made of brass, therefore, they withstand a pressure of more than 10 atmospheres, and to prevent oxidation, the fitting is coated with nickel. The use of ball valves as control valves is not allowed.

Characteristic for metal-plastic pipes 20 mm with "butterfly"

Body: Brass, nickel plated
Ball valve: (chrome-plated steel)
Pipe Mounting Diameter: 20
Weight: 169
Length (mm): 66.3
Height (mm): 60
Thread: 20x20 (pipe pipe)
Handle shape: butterfly (steel anodized)
Maintainability: non-repairable
Diameter Efficiency: Half Bore


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