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Metal-plastic crane 16x1/2"B JG (brass ball)

  • Metal-plastic crane 16x1/2"B  JG (brass ball)
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from 1 pc.1 146.97 грн.
from 10 pc.1 117.58 грн.

Valve type - ball, Nominal bore - 16mm, Connection size - 16x1/2", Connection: Crimp / internal, pressure - 40 atm (PN 30, Body material: brass, Plating - nickel, Working medium - water, Butterfly handle

Metal-plastic crane 16x1/2"B  JG (brass ball)

Faucet for metal-plastic (wing) 16 x 1/2" female thread. It is used with metal-plastic pipes in heating and water supply.This type of ball valves is a convenient tandem of a compression fitting and the most popular type of shut-off valves. It is used in hot / cold water supply systems, heating systems, pipelines with non-aggressive liquids. Designed for connecting pipes with a diameter of 16 mm. Serves only to shut off the flow of the transported liquid. Not intended for flow regulation.

Pipe fittings with which metal-plastic pipes are connected are made of very high quality brass, therefore they can withstand a pressure of more than 20 atmospheres, and to prevent oxidation, the fitting is coated with nickel.

Technical characteristics of the ball valve for metal-plastic pipes:

Valve type                   Ball

Nominal bore             16 mm

Connection size - 16x1/2"

Working medium        Water

The maximum operating temperature is          95 degrees.

Maximum working pressure              25 bar

Body material           Brass Plating Nickel 

Mounting method       Horizontal / vertical      

Drive unit                    Manual

American connection     Not

Manual drive               Butterfly handle

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